Add 30+ custom mods to to improve and extend your gameplay experience! Mods made by Turtle Clan.
Add a sidebar with 30+ custom options and skins to to help improve your gameplay! Play as nyan cat, pacman, donald trump and many more!
Press X to hide and show the slither X sidebar.
Current Mod Features ¬
-Show Server IP
-Show Party Code
-Show Length
-Show Rank
-Show Total Snakes
-Show Food Eaten
-Show FireFlys Eaten
-Show Visible Snakes
-Show Frames Per Second
-Show Bytes Per Second
-Show Position
-Show Location
-Show Survival Time
-Enable Zoom
-Zoom Snapping
-Display Snake Lengths
-Disable Background
-Auto Respawn
-Spawn SFX
-Death SFX
-Food Eaten SFX
-Firefly Eaten SFX
-Number 1 SFX
-Highscore SFX
-Quit Game Hotkey
-Copy Server IP Hotkey
-Copy Party Code Hotkey
-Toggle Snake Drawing Hotkey
-Toggle Firefly Fireworks Hotkey
-Toggle Snake Changer Hotkey
-Toggle Sidebar Hotkey
-Create Party
-Join Party
-Join Server IP
-Games Played Statistic
-Total Length Statistic
-Average Length Statistic
-Highest Length Statistic
-Food Eaten Statistic
-Fireflys Eaten Statistic
-Best Survival Time Statistic
Please note: SlitherX, EmberThemes and Turtleclan are in no way affiliated with, or endorsed by – SlitherX is a 3rd party extension.
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